Here at Tojos Plast, we have been in business for almost 70 years. This means that we have the experience and know-how necessary to help our customers find the best possible solutions, regardless of the type or scope of their project. We are your trusted partners in injection moulding, and can provide you with the knowledgeable assistance that you need in order to ensure not only a successful project, but also a successful product.

Are you looking for an injection moulding company that is flexible, experienced, competent and solution-oriented? One that is at the forefront of development? Are you looking for an injection moulding company that can offer a wide range of different services to suit your unique project? Then you have come to the right place. We at Tojos Plast promise all of this, and then some. Tojos Plast specialises in everything from consulting and idea balancing to prototype development and more.

Maybe you have a product idea in the medical or food industry. Or, perhaps an existing product you want to develop or refine? Regardless, you get a stable and secure partner in injection moulding when you choose to work with us.

What Can We Help You With?

Tojos Plast is a full-service supplier when it comes to all aspects of injection moulding. We help you with everything from consulting to warehousing and distribution. Read more about our service offering and how we can help you maximise your project!

Injection Moulding

We tailor each service offering to the specific needs of each client. We provide injection moulding for items that weigh anything from parts of one gram up to two kilos. We also work with advanced two-component spraying (2K).

Sustainable Materials

We help our customers choose materials with the least possible environmental impact. In addition to traditional plastic materials, we produce injection moulding in both bio-based, recycled and degradable materials. We strive to utilise sustainable products for a sustainable future.


At Tojos, we have been producing injection moulded parts and products since 1951. Our staff has extensive and valuable experience as well as expertise that they are happy to share with you as a customer. We advise and manufacture products in a wide variety of materials - all with their own unique properties and applications.


We will help you with the design of your product. We also assist with the development of prototypes and, of course, the mould itself.


We place a strong emphasis on strict hygiene practices and boast an ISO 13485 certification. This means that we meet the requirements for the production of food and medical technology products.

Automated Production

The calibre of automation at Tojos Plast is very high. Our range of industrial machinery contributes towards ensuring uniform quality and provides the opportunity to keep production running around the clock in three five shifts every day of the week.

Our Customers

Our expertise is evident not only in terms of the various injection moulding capabilities of our polymeric products, but also in the industrial segments in which our customers operate. Our customer base varies widely and spans across numerous industries including the construction industry, mining and agricultural industries, machine manufacturing, medical technology, food, and so on.

The scope and calibre of our customers are a testament to our company’s flexibility, responsiveness and broad competence.