About Tojos Plast

Since its inception in 1951, Tojos Plast has been a reliable partner when it comes to the injection moulding of polymer products. We service a large number of customers in a wide array of different industries.

Our modern, automated plant is located at Toftanäs in Malmö. Here, we produce injection moulded products around the clock, all based on unique client expectations and requirements. Our high-quality injection moulding products can be produced in a variety of different materials, colours and shapes.

Why Choose Tojos Plast?

Our level of experience and expertise makes it possible for us to provide services every step of the way throughout the chain of production. From assisting our clients during the creative ideation stage and handling high-volume production of injection moulded, pre-assembled and packaged products to delivering these finished products directly to your specified address.

Sustainable Relationships

We are not only responsive and flexible, but we also provide every customer and every project with a personal response and professional commitment. This is how we build long-term, sustainable relationships.

Welcome to Tojos Plast - your flexible and reliable injection moulding partner.