Since its inception in 1951, Tojos Plast has been manufacturing plastic products through injection moulding. We tailor solutions for our customers and, therefore, we have no ‘standard range’ in stock. In our modern production facilities located in Malmö, we inject plastic parts for a variety of applications – this goes for parts of one gram up to a few kilograms. Our customers operate in a number of different industries, including the medical technology and food packaging industries. Our clients know our company to be professional, responsive and flexible. This is certainly one of the big reasons why we have managed to create and nurture countless sustainable relationships over the many years that we have been in business.

Formsprutning av plast

tojos verktygskonstruktion


When it comes to manufacturing, we specialise in injection moulding as a production method. This means that a unique tool is required for every detail to be manufactured. Which, in turn, means that the production process is usually quite lengthy in order to justify the cost of production for the tool itself. We help our customers to develop tools with the right properties and the right quality. This is a job that requires a certain amount of patience and, above all, plenty of experience and unrivalled expertise – all for which Tojos Plast is well known. While we do not handle the production of tools in-house at our production facilities, we have indeed partnered up with numerous professional toolmakers in both Sweden and China.

Automation and Robotisation

Every day, our team strives to make Tojos Plast even better and more efficient. This goal is what has led to our approach to production becoming more and more automated. The advantage of machinery and ‘robots’ responsible for automation is the fact that they do exactly what they have been told - again and again. This means that they are able to produce products in exactly the same way every time without getting tired. Furthermore, our skilled robot programmers ensure that the instructions given to the robots maximise both the efficiency and the quality of production. Thanks to the power of automation, the final injection moulded parts created always boast a very high and uniform quality. Our automation machinery and robots have made it possible for us to keep production running around the clock, every day of the week.

All-in-One Supplier

When it comes to the production of customised plastic parts, we dare to say that we are an all-in-one, full-service supplier. In addition to injection moulding, we also offer services in other parts of the value chain. For example, our design department is responsible for aiding in the design of the product, or parts thereof, in line with the customer’s specifications. We also take care of developing the tool(s) required for serial production. Furthermore, we are equipped to process, assemble, label and package the finished product, as well as stockpile and distribute it as required.


We are certified according to:

ISO9001 (quality control)

ISO14001 (environmental commitment)

ISO13485 (medical devices)