Injection Moulding

Since our company opened almost 70 years ago, injection moulding of polymer products has been the heart and life-blood of our business.

We make use of advanced technology in order to be able to promise our customers a high-quality, efficient manufacturing process.

Maximum Automation Equals Maximum Quality

Our facility located in Malmö is highly automated. Our 15 modern injection moulds work around the clock within highly efficient production cells. Several of the production cells are also equipped with automatic quality control through advanced vision technology. Due to the power of automation, each step of the production process is performed with precision.

Low Variance, Yet Large Variation

Although there is plenty of variation in terms of our customers and the industries in which they operate, as well as the materials we use, the length of the series, and the types of products that we manufacture, the quality of the injection moulded products always remains consistent and uniform. The size and weight of the products vary from parts of one gram up to two kilos. They are the results of customer-unique, tailor-made product solutions which are all documented according to ISO 9001.

Leading Injection Moulding Company

Along with supplying world-class products and services, we also attach great importance to doing our bit for the environment. We are not only focused on optimising energy consumption in manufacturing, but also on minimizing and sorting plastic waste from production in an environmentally-friendly manner.

We, at Tojos Plast, strive to be at the forefront of the injection moulding industry. This applies to the choice of materials, production process, technological innovations, unique solutions and advanced technology. For example, we offer both In-Mould Labelling (IML) and two-component injection moulding:

  • In-Mould Labelling
    This is a technology where labels or graphic decorations and designs are integrated directly into the plastic part during the manufacturing process.
  • Two-Component Injection Moulding
    In two-component injection moulding, two different spray assemblies that are often loaded with different raw materials, are used to fill the moulding tool and, thus, create special properties of the manufactured parts.