In all the years that we have been specialising in injection moulding, we have managed to gain extensive experience in terms of quality tools used in the injection moulding process. Today, we are proud to be able to collaborate with a number of highly competent and competitive tool suppliers.

Our team is equipped to offer you project advice and support regarding the choice of steel quality and the appropriate investment level for various moulding tools. Most toolmakers we work with today are located in China, but we also trade with Swedish suppliers, especially when it comes to advanced tools and technology.

Safe and Efficient Tools

Regardless of where or by whom the tool is produced, it is always tested by the supplier before we approve it. This is done in an effort to control the quality of both the tool itself and the products that are set to be injection moulded. This process ensures the utmost in safety and peace of mind for our customers.

Tool Maintenance

In addition to our regular preventative maintenance, we have partnership agreements with local toolmakers with impressive experience. We make use of their services in instances when any tool may require extensive service, repair or rebuilding.

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